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Bali flags or Umbul Umbuls are ritual flags from Bali that represent welcome and celebration. These flags can be seen in Balinese temples, gardens, houses, restaurants, and along the tropical beaches of Bali. They are becoming increasingly popular as colorful additions to beach weddings, balconies, verandas and gardens all over the world.

Additionally they can be used as decorative displays for parties, functions, fairs, markets etc. They are also perfect for business advertising purposes, such as real estate auctions, nurseries and many more. Brighten up that special occasion or just make your garden or special event really stand out with our range of authentic Bali flags.

Bali flags are manufactured in Ubud Bali Indonesia out of parachute silk (a polyester, silk blend), a very strong durable and light weight fabric. Easily mounted on one of the Bali flag poles or strung on some wire between two supports, these Bali dancing flags are beautiful, elegant and long. They look magnificent hanging straight and even more amazing blowing and flapping in the wind. Flags are 5.7 meters (18.5 feet) in length and are sold with or without the pole.


  • 5.7 meter length (18.5 feet)
  • Sold with or without pole
  • Blue color
About The Flag Pole:

The Flags of Bali fiberglass poles are curved at the top like genuine Balinese bamboo yet fold down to 1 meter for easy transport. These poles extend in 1 meter sections out to 6 meters if needed. These can be used for the 5 meter and 7 meter flags. They come shipped in a fabric bag for easy transport and storage.
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